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Emergencies often happen when we least expected it, be it at work or even at home. It can happen to anyone. Being prepared and familiar with what to do in an emergency is vital to saving lives and limbs. This course provides the necessary knowledge, skills, know-how and attitude to help one to take charge and make a difference in an emergency. All of us have a role to play to ensure our loved ones are being well managed when caught in an emergency!

EFAR provides a wide range of First Aid & Rescue training to equip yourself and your staff, they include:-

  • Standard First Aid Course

  • Occupational First Aid with CPR & AED

  • First Aid Training for Childcare and Infant care Personnel

  • Outdoor First Aid Training

  • Emergency Medical Technician – ( Basic )

  • Customised Training for Schools and Corporation

  • Rope Rescue

  • Water Rescue
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