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Attended: Basic Cardiac Life Support

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11th Aug 2022

Attended: Standard First Aid with CPR & AED (Course Withdraw w.e.f. 1 Jan 2018)
"Terrence (TJ) has been a great educator to all of us whom attended for the 3 days course. A very detailed person with full of explanations and fun at the same time. We truly appreciate all the time, fun as well as our learning journey with him. His knowledge of the medical world is simply outstanding and breathtaking, but I was most impressed with the way he taught the class with full of patience and integrity. It was a breath of fresh air. Without your guidance, we are not a certified first aider now. Thank you TJ!"

Nurul Sheila Farhana Binte Zulkifli
Innotrek Pte Ltd
21st Dec 2017

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"The course is very comprehensive and well thought of. The first aid course is the best i've attended as compared to many that i've attended. The instructor (Zhelter) is very good and i enjoyed the course. The lessons are very hand-ons and he made the lesson very interesting indeed. I would recommend everyone to attend this course this course by Mr Zhelter must be the instructor only!"

Freddy Wong
Punggol Secondary School
3rd Nov 2015

Attended: Standard First Aid with CPR & AED (Course Withdraw w.e.f. 1 Jan 2018)
"Taught in a fun and interesting manner with logical explanation helps us remember the key things that should be done in cases of emergency. Hands-on practical as well as videos, on top of the well-designed handout and clear explanations appeal to various learner styles and help all of us remember well."

Marliyana Binte Mohamad Noor
Greendale Secondary School
5th Oct 2015

Attended: Standard First Aid with CPR & AED (Course Withdraw w.e.f. 1 Jan 2018)
"I'm thankful to the trainer (Mahen) for making this course so fun, informative, practical (realistic) and relevant for me. I enjoyed myself and learnt a lot of important skills. The assistant staff (Billy) were very friendly and helpful too."

Kun Swee Bin Jiang Ruimin
Ai Tong School
14th Sep 2015

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Very practical hands-on exercises done during the sessions, scenario based learning was very effective. Helps us to remember processes and steps better. Provides us with the confidence to handle real life situations.."

Diane Chan
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
9th Jun 2015

"Dear Doris and Farlina,

Our event on last Friday went on smoothly. I like to thank Raymond and Zhelter for their professionalism. They were on time and waited patiently at the jetty for us. Not only that, Zhelter also saved my day last Friday. Due to NPark’s overlook, they forgot to “prepare” the gloves for the participants and I was informed only at the very last minute at the Pulau Ubin jetty when we were about to start the event. Fortunately, due to Zhelter’s quick action and kindness, he offered me the medical gloves as a stop gap. Fortunately, the gloves contain 100 gloves and it was sufficient for all the participants esp for our VVIPs. This action really saved my day. I like to thank him for his kind help otherwise all the months of planning went downhill and bad remark from the top mgmt. As a result, we ended the event on the high note and everyone went back with sweet memories of the clean up and Chek Jawa. Thank you once again for the fine coordination."

Lim Joo Peng
Senior Manager, Environment Management Department
Toshiba Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
22nd Apr 2015

Attended: HeartSaver (CPR) & AED
"Great Course! Instructor is well knowleadge and fun!! Really enjoy the course!! Good Job and thank you to all the instructor!!"

Mohammad Amin Akmal Bin Abdul Razak
Unistrong Emergency Ambulance
3rd Feb 2015

"Hi Nisa,

Just to let you know everyone over the weekend thought your staff did a superb job at all the venues over the weekend.

Some physios have worked a lot with the clubs and are especially appreciative of your staff members interacting with the clubs and also tracking up and down the field when matches are played. The clubs feel supported in terms of medical care at rugby pitches so job well done to your team!

Keep up the good work and please thank your team on behalf of Singapore Rugby.

Warmest Regards,"

Ti Tauasosi
Assistant Marketing & Development Manager
Singapore Rugby Union
14th Oct 2014

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Dear Nisa,

On behalf of my teachers, I would like to thank Ms Liping for her wonderful coaching on the course matters.

My teachers learn a lot practical 1st Aid knowledge and skills in very engaging ways from Liping. Positive feedback was also received from the group trained by her last year.

Thank you one again for Liping's engaging sessions with my teachers"

Mrs Shirley Lim
Fengshan Primary School
6th Jun 2014

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)

I attended the above courses on 20th - 22nd March 2014. Normally, my impression on the first aid course is normally boring and nothing exciting. Well on the first day of my course, I realised how interesting it was. Lesson were quite well organised and proper, and really had fun. Surprisingly, I actually looked forward in coming to attend the lesson the next day.

Give credit when credit is due, well I must say that the trainer did a good job in making the lesson very interesting. Giving real life situation and some fantastic acting along the way to make us understand the topic which was being taught. One of the reason why the lesson was so successful was because the trainers were genuine and I learnt a lot from them.

All in all, I sincerely wish you all to continue your good work, and most important, have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a million. I have recommended your company to my friends to take up CPR ETC with your company."

Lai Swee Beng Tony
Swimming Coach
2nd Apr 2014

Attended: Child First Aid Course for Infant / Child Care Providers
"Dear TJ,

Thank you for that awesome 3 days of child first aid course. At first when I was called to attend this course, I was reluctant as it is going to be 3 days long and I can’t get to see my cute kids at school. :( But just after the first day, my new friends and I had so much fun and definitely learnt a lot from you. This is because from a boring thick theory book, you have turned the lesson to a fun, light-hearted and informative class. Surely we had lots of laughter during the lesson, but I guess this is one of the tricks for you to get us into memorising the important points. :) After the third day, which is the last day of the course, I have a weird feeling as I enjoyed the class so much that 3 days just past so fast in a blink of an eye. Hopefully there will be more chances for us to be in your class again.

Wishing you all the best in whatever you do in the future!! Cheers!!

Best Wishes,
Pearly :)"

Pearly Loh
Assistant Teacher
TCC Childcare Pte Ltd
12th Mar 2014

Attended: Standard First Aid with CPR & AED (Course Withdraw w.e.f. 1 Jan 2018)
"Couldnt have gone to a better first aid course. Firstly we were taught by former SCDF personnel. This allow us to relate what we train for with real life experiences. Secondly, and more importantly, we were put into probable scenarios when we were tested. I can honestly say, ALL of us were caught off guard. And the scenarios were designed based on the participants occupation and requirement for first aid. It made the training all relevant. Coincidentally a friend went for First Aid trg elsewhere and we compared notes.I told him about jaw thrust and he was surprised as he hasnt learn it. From this I know that the money and time spent on the course was worth more than its price. Thank you to Mr James and Ms Yati. You guys made a very dry topic captivating and exciting. Kudos."

Ahmad Ali Bin Mohamed Yusope
12th Dec 2013

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Dear Mdm Doris,

We would like to thank your company for the fruitful and interesting first aid course that Mr Zhelter conducted. He was very lively and jovial in the way he taught the cadets and I think the cadets learnt a great deal.

Thanks again"

Joseph Abraham
Gan Eng Seng School
29th Nov 2013

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Dear classmates and friends,

It has been a wonderful time taking the First Aid training course and learning together with our instructor Billy during this three days course. I have learnt so much from the hands-on application, with humor and appreciated that I can apply to save the lives of my loved ones and others in need of help.

We will keep the spirit of "Reaching out to others to save lives" and hopefully others first-aider will also save us in time of needs. Hope to see you again in the next First Aids course soon.

"Wishing all a healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year ahead."

Those who interested to sign up as a volunteer for "Lose to Win Re-Connect" event, may refer to this website for more information.

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Wong Fook Hiong
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
4th Feb 2013

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Hi James,

Thank you very much for the trouble you have taken.
Yes, the course that we have taken is really good and all your trainers are very friendly and helpful.
We had recommended your company for training to our colleagues and many of them are on their way for their training soon.
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Ng Lee Kiang
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
25th Jan 2013

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)

On behalf of SIM Swimming & Lifesaving Club, I would like to extend our gratitude for delivering the first aid course. We found the course especially engaging and applicable to our line of work. We appreciate including the portion on pool rescue and management of spinal injury as it was new knowledge for us. It was a good chance for us to stock up on the first aid kit as well.

We are confident that the knowledge gained would serve us well in the future.

Thank you again.

P.S.: We love the tea breaks and random pictures in the slides!

Warm regards."

M. Farhan Rais
Treasurer . Swimming & Lifesaving Club
Singapore Institute of Management
7th Dec 2012

Attended: Child First Aid Course for Infant / Child Care Providers
"Hi Billy

Just want to say it was a pleasure meeting you and to have the opportunity to sit in your class. I can see that you are committed and passionate about your job and want to encourage you to keep it up.

I had an enriching time and have not laughed so much in a long time. Thank you for what you do.

Take care
Your student,

Mabel Lim
St Joseph's Church Childcare Centre
2nd Oct 2012

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Hi Billy,

A big "THANK YOU" to you and your team for 3 days of fun-filled activities. Really enjoyed it and appreciate all the preparation, hard work and enthusiasm kept throughout.
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Zhuang Jieqi
Guangyang Secondary School
8th Sep 2012

Attended: Standard First Aid Refresher (wef 1 June 2019)
"Dear James & Doris,

I must credit you both for the comprehensive and yet practical approach James took to conduct the refresher course on 29-30 May 2012.
It was one of the few courses that I enjoyed thoroughly. James made it very interesting for us and we could remember the key concepts well.
Not forgetting the refreshments too!

Thanks James for the enriching sharing!
Stay positive and God bless.


Neo Kwee Gim
Gongshang Primary School
25th Jun 2012

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Morning Nisa and Doris,

Our group had a meaningful 3 day training and had indeed enriched ourselves.

I would like to express my thanks to Mahendran and his team for making the sessions very hands-on and practical based.

Once again, on behalf of my Cluster, thanks to EFAR."

Benjamin Quek
HOD PE/CCA/Aesthetics
Coral Secondary School
5th May 2012

Attended: Standard First Aid (wef 1 June 2019)
"Hi James,

Really enjoyed your lessons. Although I have attended Wilderness FA before,the chance to hear and see how you applied FA in practical way to real life situations was very refreshing. And to see you cracking jokes with a straight face is priceless! Now I know why the rating from the SDOAL participants on your module is so high. Thanks for the wonderful 3-day workshop. Thanks."

Allan Lee
Senior Academic Staff
School of Sports, Health and Leisure
22nd Sep 2011

"I would like to sincerely thank the group of paramedics who were at the Academy of Singapore Teachers last Thursday for rendering assistance to me. I did not get a chance to thank them properly that day but I am really appreciative of their kindness and readiness to send me to Thomson Medical Centre quickly. Thank god for them, I think that's why I manage to save my baby. Despite the massive loss of blood, my baby has miraculously survived and growing well in me now. elevator shoes

Words can never express fully of my appreciation and their kind gestures will always be etched in my heart.

Once again, thank you! And kudos to the team who have saved not one but two lives timely!"

5th Jul 2011

"Dear Doris

Thank you for conducting the course for the school. My VP, Mr Kenny Reyes was in the first session and he was impressed with the rich information the trainer was able to provide to our teachers within the timeframe given.

All new teachers who join my school should go for this course and I can include those who are on MC in the following years.

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Ting Ting
24th Sep 2009